Werde Weltenbummler mit ODI und entdecke die Welt!

Open Door International e.V. organisiert seit über 30 Jahren als gemeinnützige Organisation Auslandsaufenthalte für junge Menschen in und aus aller Welt. Als Mitglied des Arbeitskreises gemeinnütziger Jugendaustauschorganisationen (AJA) ist es das Ziel des Vereins, die Völkerverständigung durch interkulturellen, bildungs-orientierten Jugendaustausch zu fördern. ODI bietet Schüleraustauschprogramme und Freiwilligenarbeit in zahlreichen Ländern dieser Welt an und betreut ausländische Schülerinnen und Schüler in Deutschland.

Im Rahmen des Europäischen Freiwilligendienstes ist ODI als Entsendeorganisation akkreditiert. Uns unterstützte der Kölner Verein vor unserem Portugalaufenthalt bei der Anmeldung und Vorbereitung, kümmerte sich um die Versicherung und Reiseplanung und gab uns einen interkulturellen Crashkurs. Während des Volontariates steht uns unsere persönliche Ansprechpartnerin und EFD-Spezialistin Amelie bei Fragen oder etwaigen Komplikationen zur Seite.

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Become a globetrotter with ODI and discover the world!

The non-profit organization Open Door International has been organizing stays abroad for young people in and from around the world for more than 30 years. As a member of the AJA (working group of non-profit youth exchange organizations) it is the goal of the association to promote international understanding through intercultural, education-oriented youth exchanges. ODI offers student exchange programs and volunteer work in numerous countries around the world and advises foreign students in Germany.

As part of the European Voluntary Service, ODI is accredited as a sending organization. The Cologne-based association helped us with the registration and preparation, took care of the insurance and travel arrangements and gave us an intercultural crash course before our stay in Portugal. During the voluntary service, our personal contact and EVS-specialist Amelie helps us with any questions or worries we might have.

For more information, take a look at the home page or the Facebook page of ODI, or write us a comment on this blog!

Building Bridges Cultural Association was founded in 2008 to promote a spirit and community integration and the foster European culture awareness to young people. Building Bridges is presented at local level as a tool to assist and support the implementation of non-formal education courses and improving knowledge of European labour system practices. We organise courses, seminars, workshops, visits and meetings, European events for public agencies on policies concerning young, mobility, sports, local economic development, culture and cooperation with developing countries. We also provide online training courses. We believe that transnational experience could offer young people the opportunity to grow within a European dimension through their personal and professional skills, so that they could become main actors of the European future.

Since its foundation, the association has participated in several information, guiding and counselling workshops fostering promotion of European mobility, its members have a wide mobility experience as trainers for more than 10 years.

YOUNET: European projects for a more equal society, inclusive and sustainable

YouNet was founded in 2010 in Bologna (Italy) by a group of youth with experience and common interests in the field of mobility for learning. The association has promoted several youth exchanges and other initiatives for training and personal development and professional collaborating with national agencies that coordinate the European program "Erasmus Plus", "Europe for Citizens" and "Lifelong Learning." Since 2010 YouNet is accredited as a host organization, sending and coordinating volunteer projects through the "European Voluntary Service" program "Erasmus Plus”.
Collaborations with several European universities in Poland, France, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Greece, led to the accreditation of Younet as the host institution for the students "Erasmus Placement projects" and "Leonardo".

YouNet is an association of social promotion that uses the learning mobility, as a tool to support the personal and professional growth, intercultural dialogue and European awareness. By learning mobility means the transnational mobility undertaken for a period of time, organized for educational purposes, to acquire new skills or knowledge. It covers a wide range of projects and activities aimed at various age groups, and is implemented in both formal and non-formal contexts.

YouNet works in synergy with public and private institutions of Bologna, the rest of Italy and of Europe, which organizes events, meetings and training projects in multicultural and multidisciplinary nature. Staff Younet consists of young people from eight European nations: professionals and volunteers who work for the design and the coordination of international mobility projects promoted by the European Community.


- Promote learning mobility, or give European citizens the opportunity to participate in international experiences to support their personal and professional development
- Promote intercultural dialogue through meetings between citizens from different European countries
- Raising awareness of European cultural heritage, from the rights / obligations deriving from membership of the European Communities
- Encouraging active citizenship and the commitment of young people in society
- Promote training, cooperation and collaboration between government agencies and non-profit organizations
- Support social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

For more information, take a look at the home page or the Facebook page of YouNet.

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